Swarmanoid: Towards Humanoid Robotic Swarms

The Swarmanoid project (IST-022888) is a Future and Emerging Technologies (FET-OPEN) project funded by the European Commission.

The main scientific objective of this research project is the design, implementation and control of a novel distributed robotic system. The system will be made up of heterogeneous, dynamically connected, small autonomous robots. Collectively, these robots will form what we call a swarmanoid. The swarmanoid that we intend to build will be comprised of numerous (about 60) autonomous robots of three types: eye-bots, hand-bots, and foot-bots.

The Swarmanoid project is the successor project to the Swarm-bots project, and will build on the results obtained during the Swarm-bots project. Information on the Swarm-bots project can be found at the following address: www.swarm-bots.org.

The project coordinator is Professor Marco Dorigo.

Dr. Marco Dorigo, the project coordinator and one of the founders of the swarm intelligence and swarm robotics research fields, has been awarded, in November 2007, the "CajAstur International Prize for Soft Computing".

The following video won the AAAI 2011 video competition:

Swarmanoid project started
on October 1, 2006
The project terminated
on September 30, 2010
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