Publications in the press

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En linea con: Marco Dorigo. Bit, August-September 2007, pages 57-59.
Interview with SUPSI-IDSIA's co-director Carlo Lepori about robotics at the Swiss TV TRSI1, August 14th, 2007
Swarm Theory, National Geographic, July 2007.
Interview with SUPSI-IDSIA's senior researcher Andrea Rizzoli about distributed adaptive robotics at the Swiss radio RSI2, June 26th, 2007
Das Geheimnis des Schwarms (The secret of swarms). Quarks & Co., TV broadcast in German (WDR Fernsehen, Germany), April 10th, 2007. Available as Video Podcast.
European Research Team Develops Intelligent Robot Swarm, Civil Engineering, January 2007, volume 77, number 1, page 34.
Only the Swarmanoid Survive, The Motley Fool, November 30th 2006.
Bye Swarmbots, Hello Swarmanoids, Wired News, November 28th 2006.
Robot swarm works together to shift heavy objects, NewScientistTech, October 17th 2006.
Swarmanoid, i robot fanno team, Punto Informatico, October 2nd 2006.
Swarmanoid robot project foreshadows certain robotic takeover, Engadget, September 30th 2006.
Cibernetica ticinese, Corriere del Ticino, September 30th 2006.
What a lot of bots, The Engineer Online, September 18th 2006.
Newsweek magazine.
Suddeutsche Zeitung: Interview with Dario Floreano, J-C. Zufferey, and James Roberts on Flying robots at EPFL-LIS, including the Eyebots.
Televisione Svizzera Italiana, evening news on International Symposium on Flying Insects and Robots, including sequence on the Eyebot.
Radio Svizzera Italiana, Rete Uno : interview with Dario Floreano on bio-inspiration in flying robots, including swarms of flying robots.
Deutschlandfunk, Wissenschaft im Brennpunkt: interview on evolutionary and swarm intelligence approaches in Flying robotics.

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